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Be Ready! Flood Tips

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Be Ready! Stay Safe During and After a Flood with these tips from the CDC. These tips can help you stay safe and reduce damages.

Flood Safety

Flood Safety

Before a Flood:

Gather emergency supplies and follow local road or TV updates.

Tie down or bring outdoor items inside.

Recognize Flood Risk:

Identify flood prone or landslide-prone areas near you.

Know your community’s warning signals, evacuation routes, and emergency shelter locations.

Know flood evacuation routes near you.

During A Flood:

Unplug appliances to prevent electrical shock when power comes back on.

Do NOT drive or walk across flooded road. Cars and people can be swept away. As little as six inches of water can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Gather emergency supplies and follow local road or TV updates.

When power lines are down, water is in your home, or before you evacuate, TURN OFF gas, power, and water.

After A Flood:

Throw away items that cannot be disinfected, like wall coverings, cloth, rugs and drywall. Floods can cause mold.

Use fans, air conditioning units, and dehumidifiers for drying.

For cleanup, wear rubber boots and plastic gloves.

Clean walls, hard floors, and other surfaces with soap and water. Use a mixture of 1 cup bleach and 1-gallon water to disinfect.

When in doubt, throw it out! Throw away any food and bottled water that comes/may have come into contact with flood water.

Caution! Flood water may contain trash.

Practice Safe Hygiene:

Wash hands with soap and water to prevent germs.

Listen for information from your local officials on how to safely use water to drink, cook, or clean.

Read more flood safety tips from the CDC.

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